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The Halloween Dilemma

October 26, 2011

I attended a conference recently, and one of the topics was raising awareness about child and slave labor being used to produce chocolates. Among the most egregious offenders are Hershey’s, Nestle, and MM/Mars. They KNOWINGLY purchases cocoa beans harvested by child slaves. We are huge chocolate lovers at our house. It’s hard to find fair […]


October 22, 2011

My school filter blocks wikispaces, so I use the wiki tools located in our Blackboard. My subject area allows me to do in my classroom what many librarians would do in collaboration with teachers, so I thought I’d talk about a project I’m working on with my AP students right now–a project that could also […]

Social Media and the public school teacher

October 17, 2011

So, I signed up to attend a workshop on social media at the NYSUT leadership conference. I thought we would be talking about how to use social media to promote advocacy and political action. How wrong I was! To be fair, the presenters represent the legal arm of the union, so I suppose it was […]

Linking Linear Reading and Shared Reading

October 16, 2011

As an English teacher, I find myself often concerned when students lack linear reading skills. Just recently, and honors (!) student stayed after school to speak with me after he performed poorly on a quiz. He confessed he was used to learning how to make sense of text through class discussion. He told me when […]

Moosewood Sweet Potato Oven Fries

October 2, 2011

When the weather turns cool, we find ourselves craving fragrant foods baked in the oven. Here’s s a slight variation on a simple side that we love from the Moosewood Restaurant’s low-fat cookbook.  It’s easy and a great side for a busy night when we’re just having sandwiches, chili, or quesadillas. This is very adaptable! […]

Make new friends, but keep the old: why I still love Powerpoint

October 1, 2011

I admit it: I love Powerpoint. For one thing, the version I use now is so  much for versatile and interactive than the version I learned years ago. I can embed video, audio, hyperlinks to websites, and so much more. Sometimes, when I need a concentrated way to introduce a new topic or genre to […]