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Pesto sandwiches

I make these sandwiches for parties (always a hit), for light summer dinners, and to pack in lunches. They take very few ingredients, but the combination is greater than the sum of the parts:

1 baguette, cut into 4-5″ inch long pieces (and sliced lengthwise) for little sandwiches

1 ball fresh mozzarella

good pesto (homemade is best)

sliced tomatoes

Spread the inside of each piece length of bread with pesto. Make each sandwich with a slice of fresh mozzarella and a slice of tomato. If your garden is overflowing with basil, you might tuck in a few extra leaves into each sandwich. That’s it!

Pile these on a pretty platter for an impressive presentation. Nice with a redskin potato salad dressed with olive oil and lemon, with a side of good olives, such as kalamata. Really nice with fresh lemonade or sangria.


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