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Last day of class

The poster session turned out very well, although I was (like most people) a little worried about it. Our brochures were done well in advance of the presentation, but Elizabeth had trouble getting the poster to print–which was a shame, because she was very dedicated to the particulars of its design. It was clear that many people were nervous about the presentation aspect of the poster session. In that regard, I was happy to have had lots of conference presenting experience. The photos and videos of the ALA conference looked quite similar to NCTE , right down to the setting this year–I’ve been to both NCTE and MLA (modern language association, that is) in that very convention space.

But I digress. The most valuable thing I took away from classes this week was getting to know some of the people with whom I will be collaborating during my coursework at SU. We all have to collaborate on our jobs, whether in departments, on committees, or in collaborative projects, so it’s good to remind us the importance of coming up with a strategy for discussing, compromising, planning, and allocating work. I was lucky to work with two different groups who were able to figure that out quickly. I know of other groups in which some members failed to contribute meaningfully, which is unfair and frustrating.That will be trickier when we have to manage our work from a distance.


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  1. I agree Mary and I hope I get the chance to work collaboratively with you again!

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