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Special Collections

My favorite part of today’s experience was our trip to the library for the talk on rare books and the visit to the preservation room. I can’t believe I actually held a medieval text in my own hands, or that I was this close to a sumerian tablet (which was not imprisoned in a glass museum case).  Prof. Lavender’s discussion was fascinating, and I regret that by specializing in School Media I will never get to take his class.

My group worked hard on our poster project last night, during lunch, and well into the evening. While I feel we are quickly becoming experts on school library selection policies and censorship issues, I’m a little concerned that we won’t be able to adequately communicate that knowledge within the limitations imposed by just a brochure and poster. One of my teammates, Elisabeth, set up a google.doc for us, which we used to collaborate on our brochure draft. In my job, we often write collaboratively using wikis and word or publisher documents stored on the server in shared folders, but I had never used before. I missed having “track changes” editing option to show the work each of us has contributed to the text (and to test out the various versions), but it is a nice option for this project.

Now I’m exhausted and ready to knock off for the evening. I listened to the end Obama’s press conference on the way home. I’m so concerned about the health care initiative passing, but I have to say the most surprising bit I heard on the drive was Obama’s response to the question posed about Skip Gates’ arrest. What a smart and brave response–so full of truth.


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